The EnVision Process


Client Engagement Meeting

In the engagement meeting, I will explain the scope of services as well as the client’s responsibilities during the planning process. If moving forward with a formal financial plan, a fee agreement will be completed, and a financial fee agreed upon. During the meeting, I will:

  • Identify your objectives
  • Get a general understanding of your current financial situation
  • Explain our approach or process
  • Obtain commitment to implement plan
  • Review next steps and schedule data gathering session
  • Send document checklist for data gathering meeting


Client Data Gathering

The data gathering stage is a critical step in the planning process. This is where I gather key financial data such as investment statements, copies of tax returns, will, income, balance sheets, accounting records, and expense information. The backbone of any financial plan is accurate and comprehensive data. During the meeting I will:

  • Review client goals and objectives
  • Complete a fact finder
  • Verify key data from documents
  • Reiterate need to implement a plan
  • Review next steps and schedule strategy session


Client Strategy Session

The strategy meeting is the client’s opportunity to prioritize objectives and begin the discussion of potential strategies and solutions. During the meeting I will:

  • Confirm goals and verify key data
  • Go over initial plan conclusions
  • Discuss possible strategies and solutions​
  • Review next steps and schedule plan presentation session


Client Plan Presentation & Implementation¹

The plan presentation meeting is where I deliver the financial plan to include:

  • Written recommendations and action plan
  • Components of the financial plan and key plan reports
  • Implementation of plan and next steps


Client Annual Review ²

The client annual review meeting is a best practice that occurs annually or more frequently. This is when I review our implementation of the plan and assess how the plan is proceeding. In addition, the review will go over the most recent plan and needed updates. The following is reviewed and discussed:

  • Client objectives
  • Changes to the client’s personal and/or financial situation
  • Possible plan updates and paperwork
  • Next steps
  1. You have a choice to implement the recommendations in your financial plan on your own, with your Financial Planner or through another financial services professional. If you choose to implement your plan with your Financial Planner, he or she may sell other services and products to you in his or her capacities as (i) an investment advisor representative (“Advisory Representative”), (ii) registered representative of Pruco Securities, LLC, and/or (iii) a licensed insurance agent of Prudential (collectively “Prudential Representative”.)
  2. You should review your progress towards goals periodically.